Raksha Bandhan

Some Unique And Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Your Sister On This Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is the day for you to show and express how much you love your sister or what your sister means to you. So, don’t miss this opportunity. Give something useful, wonderful & memorable to her on this special day and watch her facial expression – how happy and joyful she will be after getting the gift from you. Here are some unique and thoughtful gift ideas.

Coffee mug

Pichwai coffee mug

Does your sister love drinking coffee? Is she a coffee addict? Then why not gift her a Pichwai coffee mug or an Indigo Symphony coffee mug this Raksha Bandhan? If you want you can also go for an owl mug. It’s unique, cute, fun, and quirky. It’s a winner. Your sister would love to sip something warm and good in these kinds of mugs and spend her evenings in front of the TV. In fact, gifting a coffee mug would also mean that you care for your sister in this Covid situation because a recent study has revealed that drinking a cup of coffee every day reduces the chance of contracting the deadly virus. So, just choose the best one for your dear ‘sis’ and gift it to her.

Spa candle



Spa candle

How about pampering your sister this Raksha Bandhan and letting her indulge & melt away with the uplifting, invigorating and rejuvenating scent of Spa candles? Enriched with emollients and essential oils for aromatherapy benefits, these candles would revitalize her senses & nourish her skin. When massaged with this luxurious warm oil, she would feel completely revitalized and relaxed. Its sweet scent is sure to uplift her mood & make her body feel relaxed. Don’t you think she deserves something special like this on this special day?

Dry fruits

Dry Fruits

If your sister happens to be a foodie and a fitness freak at the same time, there is no better gift than dry fruits! You can pack those that are her favorites like almonds, walnut dates, cashews, pine nuts, raisins, dried apricots, berries, and such others in a platter of your choice. You can get some elegant and classy platters at our online shop – The Gallery Store, a store that supplies homeware products, artistic home décor items, paintings, and online dining accessories in Kolkata.

There is no reason for your sibling to not like any of these gift ideas. In fact, your sister would love them. Each of these gift ideas has meanings in its own way. So, you can go for any one of these and have a blast on this Raksha Bandhan.

Author Bio: I’m Nidhi Ghosh, the content marketer who is an expert in luxury home décor and collecting fine arts . ☺️