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Recognizing Genuine And Fake Parts Of Motorcycles

Almost in all industries, there is a common problem of producing duplicates or first copy products. The industry of bike parts is no exception. Here are also some deceptive companies where the first copy or fake products are produced to cheat on the buyers.
The experts of CSL, the leading supplier of wholesale motorcycle parts in the Philippines, in this blog, would guide how to recognize fake motorcycle parts while buying from a distributor.

The “Made in” label

In the “Made in” labels, the name of the country where the product has been manufactured, will be written for sure. Read the name of the country and search on the internet whether that country produces these parts or not. If the result comes negative, consider the product to be a fake one.

The overall packaging

Check the packaging very carefully. If any of the writing on the package seems misspelled, take it as a clue of being fake. Genuine companies do not make silly mistakes while packaging.

Missing identification mark or label

Genuine products always have labels or any kind of identification marks on them to justify the truthfulness of the products. If your chosen motorcycle parts miss any label, they are surely duplicate products.

Manufacturing date

Every product packaging contains a manufacturing date on it. Check the date according to that manufacturing country’s date stamp format. If anything seems to be fishy or the date is omitted, the products are not genuine at all.

Too much discount:

Offers and discounts are basically called the marketing strategy. But, an ample amount of discount hints of something fake or duplicate. Hence, do not rush behind preposterous discounts offered by any supplier. Most of the time it appears to be a fraud.

Open or unsealed product

It is true that a packet can be opened mistakenly sometimes. But it is always better to avoid open or unsealed products while buying. Many dishonest distributors often put duplicate products inside the real packet to make the customers believe that the product is totally genuine.

Design and color:

Make sure that the product you have chosen matches the designs and colors of the original product. If you have experience buying motorbike parts earlier, you can recognize the difference easily. In case, you are new to buy motorbike parts, get help from the internet. See the pictures of those parts, match the design and color, and then go for buying.

Purchase from trustworthy dealers only:

Genuine and reliable suppliers do not sell duplicate or first copy products as there lies a question of their reputation. Hence, to be on the safe hand, try to purchase motorcycle parts from a trustworthy dealer or supplier. Honest sellers even guide you on which is suitable for your motorbike and which is not.

CSL is one of these genuine suppliers of motorcycle parts in the Philippines. We guarantee our customers 100% original products. We strictly hate falsehood. In order to buy genuine motorcycle parts in the Philippines, visit CSL without any hesitation.

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