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Purification Of Drinking Water In The Monsoon

It is totally undeniable that India is a summer-dominated country. A large number of Indian citizens wait all over the year just for the arrival of the rainy season. Now that the monsoon or the rainy season has recently arrived in our country, everyone should know that along with oodles of joy, the monsoon brings a bunch of water-borne diseases to mankind. This blog by the topmost manufacture of plastic water storage tanks in Kolkata, Penguin Tank suggests everyone purifying drinking water in the rainy season to avoid water-borne diseases.

Why water purification is needed in the monsoon?

When it rains, the water stored in the above-ground water storage tanks, underground water storage tanks, and even in the wells gets contaminated somehow. Usually, the water comes in contact with bacteria, metallic elements, toxic elements like pesticides, cadmium, aluminum, mercury, fertilizers, etc., with the flow of rainwater. As a result, the stored water turns completely unfit for domestic or commercial purposes.

Hence, efficacious water purification is unavoidable to protect ourselves from several water-borne diseases like cholera, jaundice, indigestion, and stomach diseases.

What are the methods of purifying drinking water at home?

There are a lot of procedures by which water gets purified and becomes fit as potable water. Here are 5 easy methods to purify water at home.

1. Boiling

The easiest household method for purifying water is boiling. It is one of the ancient methods to make water pollutant-free. Boiling is effective enough to purify water though it is not able to make the water 100% pure./p>

2. UV purification

The UV or ultraviolet purification method is another effective procedure to purify water. Fortunately, UV ray is able to kill bacteria, virus, and other living microorganisms that are present in water, especially during the rainy season.

3. RO purification method

With the advancement of technology, new processes to purify water are being invented. The RO (Reverse Osmosis) purification method is one of those useful methods of water purification. With the help of Reverse Osmosis methods, the pollutants and particles get removed from the water and make the water fully pure and drinkable. The RO process is able to remove heavy toxic metals also.

4. Chlorine tablets

If you do not want to invest a lot of money in the process of water purification, you must go for chlorine tablets without thinking twice. The right amount of chlorine tablet is enough to make the water potable within some hours. Consult an expert to bring the suitable chlorine tablet, add the tablet to your domestic water storage tank and wait for a while. The water would become pure and drinkable again.

5. Use alum

Purify water with the help of alum. Alum is a clinically tested water purifier that works efficiently. It removes all the impurities from the water and makes the water eligible for drinking and other purposes.

Besides these aforementioned methods, you need to choose the right water storage tank to keep your water fresh for a long time. Penguin Tank produces plastic water storage tanks with food-grade plastic material at the inner side of the tank. Our tanks are made of high-quality plastic material that keeps the water drinkable and fresh.

Author Bio: Juhi Pandey, a girl who believes in environment-friendliness and new technologies.