Is Omicron More Dangerous For Children?

With the new variant, Omicron, it has been reported that kids might be getting affected by it too. Although the effect of the virus is not much it has been rapidly spreading all over the world. Several antigen test clinics have found out that it is not that kids are at more risk from this virus but rather adults and kids, all are getting equally affected by it.

Omicron is just like common flu which is highly contagious. This is why kids are also equally vulnerable, even more so as they have not been vaccinated yet. In the previous variants, the kids were not getting so affected by it. People with health issues were being affected the most. Now, even though most people have been vaccinated, Omicron is still affecting them but, in general, it has become like the common flu. However, as kids in any country have not been vaccinated yet, it is better not to underestimate Omicron, especially if a kid’s immunity system is weak.

Although kids of all age groups can be vulnerable to the virus, the most precautions should be taken for babies of pediatric age. Newborn babies have the weakest immunity system and getting infected by this virus can certainly harm their lungs. In general, most kids are showing mild symptoms like fever, vomiting, headache but kids with comorbidities need to take extra care of their health as they are always at a greater risk.

Here are some ways how kids can be protected from Omicron as much as possible:

Get fully vaccinated:

If adults keep themselves protected, the chances of kids getting infected from their parents become very less. In order to do that, you need to get yourself fully vaccinated as it is still not available for kids.

Reinforce social distancing and other Covid norms:

While Covid-19 norms have become a normal thing for the past two years, if you don’t follow them anymore, your kid will stop following them too. So, in order to enforce them, you will need to keep taking all the precautions that you have been taking during the first wave and second wave of the pandemic.

Talk to them:

Your kid is not growing up as a kid normally should at this age. But talking to them without scaring them in order to make them understand the necessity of everything that is happening around them is essential. Teach them the importance of taking precautions.

Therefore, take extra care of your kids during this time and if you think your kid might be suffering from Covid-19, visit the antigen test clinic in the UK.