How To Give A Touch Of Halloween To Your Logo Designs

How To Give A Touch Of Halloween To Your Logo Designs

The year 2020 was no less than horror for all of us living in the UK, in fact, not only UK but other countries suffered a great deal due to the onset and outbreak of the novel Coronavirus. But life goes on and here we are inching towards 2021. Since it’s the time of Halloween we are back again with another interesting blog to celebrate All Saints’ Day.

Many popular brands prefer to revamp their logos as per festivities. Halloween is the perfect time to add a hint of spookiness into your logo design. But how to make your business logo ready for Halloween? Well, this blog will answer this question.

Here are some of the best and spookiest Halloween symbols to add in your business logo to mark one of the most enjoyable festivals, Halloween.

Jack O’Lantern

Jack O’LanternHalloween is incomplete without Jack O’Lantern. Pumpkin carvings or Jack O’Lantern set the mood for Halloween. Adding Jack O’Lantern to your business logo is surprisingly going to make your customers happily frightened!



Black cats

Black catsThere are a lot of superstitions associated with black cats which ultimately led people to believe black cats to be evil or inauspicious. Well, now black cats have become an important symbol for Halloween and hence you can freely use them in your Halloween’s business logo to respect the spirit of this autumn festival.



SkeletonsVisit any horror house and you will find dozens of skeletons lying around to horrify the visitors. Skeletons are no longer limited to your biology lab because they are also used as a symbol for Halloween, the festival that marks the concept of human mortality. So, skeletons too can be considered to give a hint of creepiness into the business logo.



BatsBats are amazing creatures but they are associated with something dark because they are nocturnal so they too are one of the important symbols for Halloween. Upon that, using bats in your logo design is much easier than using other complex Halloween symbols. If you want to go for something subtle yet Halloweeny then choose bats in your Halloween-inspired business logo.


GhostsHow can ghosts be not mentioned when we are talking about Halloween? Ghosts add a hint of mysticism and supernaturality and making them a part of your Halloween logo is a sure cut way to impress your target audience.



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