How Do Riding Gears Help You To Avoid Damage After Accidents

How Do Riding Gears Help You To Avoid Damage After Accidents?

Most Filipino riders have a common notion: riding gear is needed only by the professional racers. No matter how much experienced you are or how much novice of a rider you are, Filipino riders tend to negate the importance of motorcycle riding gear. You can purchase motorcycle accessories in the Philippines to protect yourself and your vehicles from damages after you meet with an accident.

No matter which vehicle you possess, ensuring safety should always be a priority. Investing in riding safety gear would look like it is unnecessary due to its cost, but nothing is more expensive than one’s life.

What are the components of motorcycle riding gear?

• Helmet
• Jacket
• Chest Protector
• Back/Spine Protector
• Shoes/ Boots
• Knee Guards
• Gloves
• Elbow Guards
• Pants

1) Helmets:

A helmet protects one of the most essential parts of our body – the head. When you purchase motorcycle parts in the Philippines, there should be no second thought before buying a helmet. A wholesale motorcycle parts distributor will be able to provide you with varieties of helmets – Full Face Helmet, Flip-up Helmets, 3/4 Face Helmet, and 1/2 Face Helmet. The full-face helmet would give you the most amount of protection to your head. It has a visor in the region of the eyes so that it can be lifted to get fresh air. A flip-up helmet would provide you with a full-face design with a flip up front, and the front side of the helmet can be lifted up with the touch of a button. The 3/4 face helmet protects the head but would not offer full coverage. Whereas the 1/2 face helmet is used by scooter riders, and it covers just the upper portion of your head.

2) Jackets:

A jacket would protect the upper portion of the body, such as the elbows, shoulders, chest, and back portion. In jackets also you will be able to choose from varieties such as full-all weather jackets. This type of jacket can provide protection to the upper parts of the body throughout the year, no matter what weather it is. A conventional riding jacket is similar to an all-weather jacket except for the weather protection.

3) Boots:

The boots used for motorcycles come with a metal boot tip to protect the rider’s toe. The left boot has dedicated protection so that the riders can adjust the gear of the motorcycle.



4) Gloves:

In case of an accident, our hands are the first to touch the ground. Therefore, we need a pair of gloves after a helmet because the gloves provide additional protection to fingers, knuckles, and palms. Preventing sweating is essential to have a proper grip of the handles, so a glove serves this purpose.


Apart from these, you can also buy elbow guards, pants, knee guards, chest protectors, and spine protectors are a few of the motorcycle accessories in the Philippines that you can purchase.

Author Bio: Hardcore biker who loves to write motorcycle-related contents.