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How Baby Scan Clinics In Peterborough Are Giving USG Services During Corona

The WHO declared a pandemic, Coronavirus, has caused havoc in the entire world. In the UK, there are more than two lakh cases of COVID-19.

Even during this difficult situation, many baby scan clinics in Peterborough continued to provide essential medical ultrasound scans to pregnant women. USG scan clinic, like Window to the Womb stood the test of time and provided essential ultrasound diagnosis to the patients with safety, promptness and care.

Prenatal scans are absolutely necessary and there’s no chance to pause it even during a challenging time – Corona outbreak. Window to the Womb Peterborough understood that and now has become an epitome of professionalism and humanity.

Here’s how they changed their work strategy to continue delivering top-notch ultrasound services to expecting mothers. They limited their services and only offered two vital medical scans – Early Pregnancy Scans and Fetal Health Check Scans and discontinued their 4D scan services. The clinic has the availability to book scan appointments online and even through the phone which seriously helped the expecting couples during the pandemic era. They even limited their staff members and allowed them to work on alternate days to practice proper social distancing. All the clinic staffs have been given their own PPE and the clinic took special precautions for hygiene. They offer the patients gloves and hand sanitizer upon their arrival to the clinic and the scan rooms are disinfected after each sonography session.

They have made a rule to only allow one adult attendant with the patient if it’s essential. The patients should only come for scans in case of a medical emergency and if the patient or anyone in their household is infected with COVID-19 then the patient was told to not visit the clinic. Window to the Womb Peterborough showed us how by following simple protocols, like wearing PPE, washing hands, and practising social distancing we can continue doing our activities even during this pandemic explosion.

If you’re a pregnant woman living in Peterborough, stay safe and get your ultrasound baby scans from an ultrasound baby scanning services centre.

Author Bio: Hi, I am Brittany Burns. I am a blogger. Recently delivered my twin boys and would like to educate all expecting mothers in Peterborough about every aspect of pregnancy.