Feeling the First Fetal Kicks

Feeling the First Fetal Kicks

Congratulations on your pregnancy! This is the best moment in every woman’s life. Around 17 weeks of pregnancy, an expecting mom can feel the first fetal movements. But 4D well-being baby scan clinics in Leicester claims that all women are different and thus there is no such fixed date for quickening or fetal kick. This can take place anywhere between 13 weeks to 25 weeks. Women who have given birth before can realize fetal movements earlier, since they know what to expect. If your placenta is anterior you might not detect quickening easily.

How does quickening feel?

It feels like twinges, flutters, or bubbles. Many mothers confuse fetal movements with gas. As you are moving towards your third trimester, the movements will become more prominent and they might resemble painless punches and kicks by your unborn. At certain times of the day, quickening can be felt very clearly. It has been noticed that babies remain quieter during the morning and the noon. They stay more active at night. Sometimes quickening can wake moms up. Babies might respond to certain foods, sounds, or actions. When quickening first starts, a woman might not feel it every day. By the time a woman reaches 24 weeks of pregnancy, she can feel fetal movements daily.

1st kick
Is it important for a baby to move?

For proper fetal development, fetal movements are very important. Babies need to stretch and move in order to develop properly. It helps your unborn to get prepared for life outside the womb. If you cannot feel any movement of your baby, it can be a sign of complicacy. It might happen that the baby is not getting enough nutrients. Visit your doctor immediately for such reasons and go to a well-known fetal heath scan clinic in Leicester for an ultrasound baby scan at a very reasonable cost.

What should parents do if they cannot feel the baby’s movement?

It is to be kept in mind that all women will not feel quickening from around 17 weeks of pregnancy. Relax! This does not necessarily mean that your baby is facing health problems. It is recommended to inform your doctor if you have not felt any quickening by 18 weeks. Your doctor might ask you to go for a 4D well-being scan which you can easily get from any baby scan clinic in Leicester.

Enjoy your baby’s first kick and if your baby is growing in the proper way then you will be able to feel 10 movements in 2 hours. If you notice a decrease in the baby’s movement, talk to your doctor. Take good care of yourself and check out the different baby scan offers given by the leading baby scan clinics in Leicester.

Author Biography:- Hi, I am Beth Sutherland. I work in a healthcare facility and in my spare time, I like to write about pregnancy and mother care.