Mug Press Machine

Everything You Need To Know About Using A Mug Press Machine

Did you ever wonder why there is a nearly infinite variety of coffee mugs designs nowadays? This is happening because a lot of people are buying mug press machines and applying their own designs on coffee mugs. Some people use mug press machines for professional purposes. Yet, using mug press machines and pressing custom designs on mugs are truly marvellous gigs for someone if he/she wants to indulge in a new hobby as favourite and fruitful pastime. But before that, one needs to know how to use a mug press machine so that someone can experiment with the endless design possibilities on coffee mugs. In this blog, you will get to learn how to use a mug press machine.

Get an image or design-

Getting an image or design is way easier these days for several options. You can explore various graphic design apps to make the designs for the mug on your computer. Besides, you can purchase an image or mug graphic design from a craft store to save your time. We will suggest you buy one if you are not proficient enough in the use of graphic design apps.

• Print the design-

After that, you need to print the design with the help of a printer. Here, you need to use sublimation ink and top-quality sublimation paper to print out the image you designed or bought.

• Place the designed paper on the mug-

After printing the image, you will require thermal tape to use to fix the image on the surface of the mug, that too very gently. Note that the sublimation paper with the image on it should be completely dry before placing it on the mug.

• Preheat the mug press machine-

You need to turn the machine on and raise the temperature to 100°C at least for ten to twelve seconds. After that, you need to put the mug inside the mug frame and make sure it is firmly in the proper place. Now, you must increase the temperature to 325°C and time the heating process for about four minutes.

• Bring out the coffee mug-

At the final step, all you need to do is to bring the mug out of the frame and let that cool down for 5 minutes. Then, peel off the thermal tapes and gently remove the sublimation paper.

Well, that is all to print a design on a coffee mug with the help of a mug press machine.