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Eliminate The Outgrowth Of Algae From Your Plastic Water Storage Tank

The enhancement of algae inside the plastic water storage tank is one of the commonly faced issues for everyone. If you are facing the same problem right now, here are some tips. Listen to the experts of Penguin Tank. In this blog, we would guide you on how to prevent the outgrowth of algae inside a plastic water tank.

Chemical treatment:

Chemical products like chlorine liquid, bleach work effectively to prevent the outgrowth of algae inside the water tank. Apply one-fourth teaspoon of bleaching powder for a gallon of stored water in the tank.

On the other hand, a small amount of chlorine liquid kills algae and prevents its growth. But you need to be super careful while applying the amount of chemicals in the water. An excessive amount of chemicals is harmful to drinking water.

Multi-stage filtration process:

Nowadays, in order to prevent the extension of algae and other aquatic organisms inside the water storage tanks, a multi-stage filtration procedure is being applied. It is considered that the more filters are set in the tank, the cleaner and purer the water will be stored inside the water tank.

Clean with soap:

Using mild soap and hot water for cleaning the interior part of the tank is the easiest way anyone can ever go for. This process also protects the plastic water storage tanks from the algae.

Choose a dark color for water tanks:

It is tested and proven that a light-colored plastic water storage tank promotes the growth of algae more than a dark-colored water tank. Hence, choose wisely. The color of the water tank indeed matters a lot.

Check the tank regularly:

One of the easiest ways to control the enhancement of algae inside the water storage tank is to check the tank on a regular basis. Open the lid to check the inside portion of the tank. Whenever you would feel a little presence of algae, clean it asap. In this process, the aquatic organisms would not get enough time to grow if you keep a regular inspection of your water tank.

Regular maintenance of poly water tanks ensures the safety of potable water. Hence, it is mandatory to take this matter seriously.

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Author Bio: Juhi Pandey, a girl who believes in environment-friendliness and new technologies.