National Doctor’s Day

Celebrate National Doctor’s Day By Thanking Them For Their Kindness

A good doctor is hard to come by, but once we do, we trust them with our life. Doctors work hard day and night to save patients from so many various diseases. Even in this pandemic, it is very much clear that without the help of the doctors, we won’t have been able to survive. Every day they are trying their best to cure as many patients as possible of COVID-19. Whether it’s a treatment for normal fever or bariatric surgery, every doctor tries their best to do as much as possible for their patient. This National Doctor’s Day, we would like to say thanks to all those doctors who are always there for their patients.

Medical CareThis day is celebrated worldwide to acknowledge the contributions of doctors or surgeons to all patients. But every country celebrates it on very different days. In India, this day is celebrated on the 1st of July of every month. This day was chosen to honour the great physicianDr Bidhan Chandra Roy who also used to be the Chief Minister of West Bengal. He single-handedly contributed so much for the progress in the Indian medical field. He played an important crucial role in establishing the Infectious Disease Hospital, Indian Institute of Mental Health, and Kolkata’s very first postgraduate Medical college.

If there should be any year in which we celebrate Doctor’s Day with the most enthusiasm, then it should be this year. We have come to see, that when it is really the time of emergency and human lives are vastly at stake, every doctor has joined hands to fight this crisis.

A doctor’s life can be hard, but due to their act of perseverance and dedication, it becomes possible to save a patient’s life. The awe of bringing life to the world, the honour of being trusted, and the gratitude of helping people with illness, can only be achieved by Doctors, undoubtedly. This makes them nothing less than a supreme power.

Medical PreofessionalIf there is an appreciation for the art of medicine, then there should also be an appreciation of humanity. The white coat of a prestigious doctor holds a lot of value and importance. It is wisely said that we can always pay back for a doctor’s treatment to our problems, but we always stay in debt for their kindness. We should always treasure our health the most as it is our biggest wealth and doctor plays a huge role in preserving that very same wealth. So, whether you are a general physician or a surgeon of bariatric surgery feel proud of your profession and celebrate this day.

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