Period Mood Swings

Can’t Deal With Your Period Mood Swings? Let Me Help You

When you are on your chums, mood swings are unavoidable. Periods don’t make anyone happy but according to expert gynaecologists in Kolkata, menstruation is a sign of good health.

Okay, gotcha, it is, but what to do about PMS mood swings? I’m at my worst during periods and they suck the hell out of me. So, after many trial and error methods, I finally discovered what works best for my mood swings so that I don’t become Lady Don when Aunt Flo pays an unwelcomed visit.

If your period mood swings too bring out the worst in you then read further because I know what you exactly need during those difficult days! 😉

Here are some ways that will definitely make your period mood swings bearable!

Earphones on, mood swings gone

Headphones On

Our precious earphones always save us whether it’s from our parents’ shouting match or uncles and aunties’ fights in the metro. Well, they can save you from mood swings too, just listen to some mind-soothing music because music is more powerful than a painkiller!

Nay to sweets, caffeine, and alcohol

Iced coffee cocktail 

No, no, don’t even think of having that pastry that’s lying inside your fridge! Your caffeine hit needs to take a backseat and your favourite bottle of red wine has to be on vacation because both of them aggravate mood swings.

Netflix game on

Asian woman using phone on a bed

Is there a single person on this universe who does not use Netflix or at least YouTube (except China)? Well, watch contents from your favourite genres to enhance your agitated mood.

Rockabye, honey

woman sleeping sunny morning

When you don’t get enough sleep, you make your mood swings horrible. So, get plenty of sleep like a baby.

Let’s go bananas


I love eating bananas during periods and you should too because they amplify your mood. Bananas are considered happy fruit because they have tryptophan which converts into the happy chemical, serotonin.

Pass me the dark chocolate

Dark chocolate chunks

Treat yourself with a bar of ambrosiac dark chocolate as it contains endorphins, happy hormones utilized for improving mood.

Hope these ways help you tackle your dreaded mood swings better! If they do, let me know in the comment section below. Always get annual health checkups from an expert gynaecologist in Kolkata to ensure good gynaecological health.

Author Bio: Hi, Juhi Pandey here! I love to research on health-related topics so follow me for informative blogs on Health and Lifestyle.