morning sikness

6 Tips To Give You Relief From Morning Sickness

morning sikness

Morning sickness ails every woman during the first trimester of pregnancy. Not only that it can occur any time of the day and not just in the morning. In many cases, morning sickness tends to be one of the first signs of pregnancy. Only then do women think of getting an appointment for a well-being scan. Although you can’t stop morning sickness, you can try some of these tips given here to keep it under control.


Eat Smaller and More Frequent Meal

pregnancy meal

Many think that the more you eat, the more you are likely to get sick. But that is certainly not the case. Instead, if you spend your morning on an empty stomach, it will worsen your situation. But don’t eat too much at a time. Take frequent meals but in smaller portions. Try dry foods like crackers, cereal, etc.


Calm Your Stomach With Ginger


Ginger is a well-known remedy for morning sickness. So, try eating ginger in different forms like ginger tea, ginger ale, etc. Other than ginger, there are several types of teas like peppermint tea in the morning that can lessen your morning sickness too.


Skip Certain Foods

oily and fatty food

Stay away from all kinds of oily and fatty foods. The heavier the food, the sicker you will get. Eat homemade foods that appeal to your appetite. Don’t eat unfamiliar foods or try to taste new foods you haven’t eaten before. If your body doesn’t recognize it, you might get more sick.


Avoid Strong Smells

strong smell

Strong smells can be a huge trigger to your morning sickness. Try to stay away from smells like cigarette smoke, perfumes, and any food smell that doesn’t feel appealing to you. Sometimes, the smell of coffee can be a huge trigger too.


Take Your Vitamins Regularly


Many prenatal vitamins can ease morning sickness. Take them at night before going to bed instead of in the morning after waking up on an empty stomach. This might give some relief to you. Vitamins have iron which is known for giving relief to morning sickness.


Stay Active As Much As Possible

stay active

Regular exercise can also help with morning sickness. Do not try to do a heavy workout. But, walking for a while or doing prenatal yoga can bring relief to your health.


Therefore, try out these tips at home if you are pregnant. If any of these doesn’t work, you should contact your health provider to check if there is any other problem. Make sure to get a well-being scan in Leicester before that to check your baby’s health.