6 Foods Of Summer To Include In Your Diet To Help You Lose Weight

Summer is here and we all know how terrible Kolkata’s summer can be. On top of that, we are all stuck at home right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So, it’s a given that people will be not only frustrated due to staying at home all the time but also due to summer. On top of that, sitting at home can lead to a lot of unhealthy eating. So, no physical activity and unhealthy eating equal weight gain. But, we can certainly change that. If you already an obese person, you will need to be careful with your diet. Instead of putting on weight, choose the path of obesity treatment and eat only healthy foods that are available in summer. Here, we are giving you six different foods that are available only in summer and will help you lose weight.


yogurt with fruit

Curd is delicious and healthy for everyone in all season. Especially in summer, it keeps our body cool. Curd bacteria (lactobacillus) kill the harmful bacteria in our body. you can make various recipes with curd. Such as curd smoothie with seasonal fruits, Lassi, and Raita. The curd is excellent for weight loss.

Green Vegetables

Group of Fresh Organic Assorted Green Vegetables

Green vegetables are evergreen healthy food. Having them in your regular diet can keep you healthy. It contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, and potassium. Try to avoid over-cooking, otherwise, it will lose the important nutrients.


Sliced watermelon and mint

Watermelons are known for summer fruits. It contains 92% of water and other minerals. It keeps our body hydrated and cool in summer. Also, it is very tasty, no one can deny that!



“Cool as a cucumber.” The sentence says it all. Cucumber is the food of summer. This is loaded with fibre and water. Not only it is the best fruit to have in summer, but it is also good to eat for those, who are suffering from constipation.

Coconut Water

Fresh natural healthy  coconut water.

Everyone loves to drink a coconut drink. Especially in summer. Coconut water contains a high amount of vitamins, potassium and minerals. It gives us energy and keeps our body hydrated. Drink coconut water every day.

Lime Water

Homemade Lemon and Lime Water

Another refreshing drink is lime water. Drink one glass of lime water daily. Take a half piece of lemon and mix it with a glass of warm water and drink it every morning before breakfast. It will help you to reduce weight. Or you can store it in a bottle and drink whenever you want in summer.

So, make sure you include these foods in your everyday diet and avoid as much as unhealthy food as possible. Your obesity treatment in Kolkata will be successful only if you follow your diet diligently.

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