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6 Famous Examples of 3D Logo Designs

Are you thinking of making your logo design a 3D one? Recently, there have been many famous companies who have gone with 3D logo design for their business. 3D logo design is becoming popular more and more with the increase of digital marketing in today’s digital world.

If you are willing to do the same, you can look at the different examples of some famous 3D logo designs.


Apple is probably one of the biggest tech companies right now in the world. From phones to computers, Apple has brought many innovations in the market. But along with that, they have also made logo designs that have been worthy of discussion. Currently, almost everyone in USA and UK owns at least one Apple product. Apple’s logo design has also been revamped to a 3D one. It is the perfect example of one of the most attractive and stylish designs in 3D.


This company has always gone with simple designs. But the clever way they have simply turned their exact 2d logo design into a 3D one is truly remarkable. After all, this telecommunication company has also successfully brought a lot of innovation to the market. So why stay behind in their logo design.


Have you seen the Xbox 3D logo design? After all, a gaming company should always be ahead of its time and a 3D design is perfect for a company like this. The color they have used and the simplicity is shown in the logo design will certainly make any game lover fall more in love with the company. It is certainly a vibrant, premium, and yet sophisticated logo design.

Sony Ericsson

A lot of household in the UK uses a Sony product. Sony is known for its futuristic and flexible innovations brought in the market. So, it comes as no surprise as to how they have made their logo design into a 3D one.


Apart from Google and Mozilla, many people prefer using firefox as their default browser. Firefox 9is possibly one of the earliest companies to make their logo design into a 3D one and become a successful brand with it. When we think of Firefox, we tend to think of its fiery and yet simple log design at first.

Universal Pictures Logo

Universal Pictures made their logo into a 3D one at their celebration of 100 years. The viewers loved the way it made them feel nostalgic and brought many memories while seeing the 3D logo design.

So, if you are thinking of making your logo design a 3D one, you need to choose the perfect logo design company in the UK.