5 Steps To Follow For Applying Eyeshadow Like A Pro

5 Steps To Follow For Applying Eyeshadow Like A Pro

Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt

Eyes speak a lot without saying a word. Eyeshadows add texture to your eyes, making it vibrant and dreamy. Most women in the Philippines have started using eyeshadows more often to get a mesmerizing look. If you are a beginner who does not now E of eyeshadows, then here I am to help you out. It’s very simple to apply eyeshadows, all you need is an eyeshadow palette (get pigmented eyeshadow palettes from the best makeup palette supplier in the Philippines) and a little practice.

Follow these simple steps if you want to apply eyeshadow like a pro.

Step 1 – Choose the right eyeshadow makeup palette and eye-makeup brushes

First thing first, get a good quality eyeshadow palette with richly pigmented colors because if your eyeshadows are not well-pigmented and extremely powdery then you will never get the look you have expected. Now you can buy super-pigmented eyeshadow palettes by visiting cosmetics wholesale supplier in Philippines . Also invest in long, soft, and fluffy brushes for your eye makeup as these brushes give you smooth strokes and more control.

Step 2 – Apply eyeshadow primer

Before starting your eye makeup, it is vital to start with an eyeshadow primer. Eyeshadow primer ensures that your eyeshadow does not smudge and lasts all day. In case you do not own an eyeshadow primer, you can apply concealer or even an oil-free moisturizer.

Step 3 – Create a nude base

Use a good fluffy brush eyeshadow brush to create a nude base for your eyeshadow. Choose a nude eyeshadow as per your skin tone.

Step 4 – Work on the creases

Gradually work on the creases with your chosen eyeshadow shade and don’t forget to blend well. You can even use your ring finger for blending if you are not comfortable with using a brush.

Step 5 – Use your favourite color

Add more colors on the outer corners to have a highlighted look. For a smokey look, blend a little more.

Step 6 – Blend well

Ensure that you blend properly after applying each different shade of eyeshadow or else the ultimate look will be very untidy.

All cool now with the eyeshadow! You can complete the look by defining your lower lid with a liner pencil followed by using a good volumizing mascara .

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