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5 Effective Tips For Bouncy And Voluminous Hair For Filipino Beauties 

Every woman wants bouncy and voluminous hair. Bouncy hair looks lovely and healthy but the thing about bouncy hair is that it’s not easy to achieve and maintain this style. Women in Philippines love to have a voluminous mane so here I’m back with another helpful blog on this very topic.

Dear Filipino beauties, let’s look at 5 effective tips for bouncy and voluminous hair.

Use a volumizing shampoo

As the name suggests, volumizing shampoos are capable of turning your flat hair into a voluminous mane. Invest in a volumizing shampoo that works well on your hair.

Rinse with beer 

I’ve heard and even seen many people washing their hair with beer to get that envious bouncy look. If you can’t use the alcoholic beer then don’t worry, there are brands that provide beer shampoos that can do the same trick.

Consider gentle backcombing 

Backcombing or backbrushing can give your hair the much-needed volume in seconds. Backcomb or backbrush whenever you want your hair to have some bounce. While backcombing and backbrushing, be gentle and do not rush.

Use the right hair styling products 

Take the help of hair styling products. Some hair styling products can give your hair the lift that could not have been possible with traditional methods. You can use a hair spray as it not only gives your hair some bounce but it can also let your hairstyle stay intact for hours. I’m currently using Lightness hair spray, the best thing I like about this hair spray is that it’s organic and lasts for hours and hours.

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Amp up with a blow dryer

Blow drying is one of the tested ways to get bouncy hair. I try this method whenever I’m in a rush. Try a blow dryer, you won’t regret it.

Let dry shampoo do the work 

Dry shampoos are a saviour on days when I don’t feel like shampooing my hair. I don’t shampoo my hair much so I always keep a bottle of dry shampoo handy and use it whenever I find my hair greasy and flat. After spraying my hair with dry shampoo, I turn on the blow dryer and backbrush my hair with a paddle brush. The end result? Me looking like a diva!

Trust me, the above tips will work for you! See you next time!

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