4 Effective Ways To Keep Your Water Tank Cooler This Summer

Finally, we have officially stepped into the season of embracing ice creams and colas. It’s summer season in India now, the season of chubhti jalti garmi ka mausam!

One of the worst problems faced during the summer season is hot running water coming out of your faucets. Yes, if you have your water tank installed on your terrace then, of course, you know what I’m talking about. Thankfully, there are some ways through which you can make your plastic water storage tank cooler during the excruciating hot season.
Here 4 effective ways to keep your water tank cooler this summer.

Use the right paint colour

When it comes to plastic water storage tanks, the right colour is significant not only for aesthetic reasons but also for practical ones. For instance, black water tanks retain heat and will keep your water hot and burning during the summer season whereas if you paint your water tank in light colours, like white then there’s a chance for your water to become much cooler during the hot days than before.

Take the tank away from direct sunlight

Relocate your water tank to a place where there is little to no sunlight. Try to keep your tank under a shade in a secluded spot to let the stored water stay cooler.

Keep the water tank covered

Opened water tanks are never good even for hygiene reasons. There are several water tank manufacturers in Kolkata who provide threaded lid cover so that the water stored inside your plastic water storage tank is free from any pollutants and cooler.

Purchase the right water tank

If your existing water tank has depreciated and become non-functional then it’s time to throw that away and replace the same with a brand new plastic water storage tank manufactured using the latest insulation technology. This will keep your water tank cooler and your water fresh and usable.

So, that’s about it! It is not impossible to keep your stored water cool even during high degrees! You can now get high-quality domestic water storage tanks from the leading water tank supplier in West Bengal.

Author Bio: Juhi Pandey, a girl who believes in environment-friendliness and new technologies.