3 Different Types of Covid-19 Tests Available in the UK

The only way to confirm whether you might have COVID-19 is only with the help of a test. You can have all the symptoms that generally occur but still, it could be that you don’t have COVID. Various test when gives positive results, it lets you know that you are infected and you need to isolate yourself. There are various COVID-19 test clinics in the UK that provide all these different types of tests. Take a look at them.

Molecular (RT-PCR) tests

This is the most common test that is done in all the places. This test can directly detect whether your body has been infected by the virus. It normally detects the genetic material of the virus which is the virus’s RNA. Once the RNA is detected, it is then converted into DNA. This DNA then confirms whether you have an infection of COVID-19. Normally, this test is done by taking a nasal or swab sample and the result is given within a day or two. Usually, it has been reported that these tests are the most highly accurate. Once a test is conducted, and if it gives a positive result, you will need to isolate yourself and ask your doctor for further medical advice.

COVID-19 Antigen Tests

The second type of test is the antigen test. This is the second most used one for this disease. It refers to any foreign matter or viral protein present in the body. When this triggers an immune response, you might get symptoms of fever. Antigen test, very commonly available in Covid-19 test clinic in the UK nowadays can find out if you have an infection. A rapid test is also available which you could be eligible for if your condition is worsening quickly. The only drawback is that sometimes the test can give a false negative. This test is usually done the same way as the previous one by taking a nasal or a throat swab sample. Usually, the rapid antigen test is highly accurate but if it is coming negative, it might have to be confirmed with a molecular test. Otherwise, it can help diagnose active coronavirus present in the sample.

COVID-19 Antibody Tests

The third common test is the antibody test, where a blood test is done to find out whether you have antibodies in your blood. Sometimes, even if you have been infected, but if the symptoms were asymptotic, it is hard to know about your infection. This test is not for detecting an active virus but to find out whether your system has developed a proper immune system. This test is done by drawing blood and the result is given within 1-3 days by the Covid-19 test clinic in the UK.

If you think you are getting any symptoms or you need to travel somewhere get your test done in the Covid-19 test clinic in the UK.