Private Ultrasound Scan Coventry

What Is A 4D Ultrasound Scan Used For?

Window to the Womb, Coventry offers expectant parents the opportunity to see their babies as they develop during pregnancy. The Private Ultrasound Scan in Coventry Clinic, located on Holyhead Road, is run by Coventry City Council and provides free scans for expecting mothers between 24 and 28 weeks of their pregnancy. The Private 4D Well-Being Scan clinic in Coventry is part of the council’s drive to cut the number of unsupervised pregnancies through better family planning services and support for pregnant women.

The 4D Well-Being Scan clinic in Coventry has been designed to allow expectant parents an early insight into how their child will look as it develops throughout its time inside the womb. During the four-dimensional Private 4D Well-Being Scan, parents are given a chance to see their child’s face for the first time, as well as its head size, limbs, and other physical features. The Private 4D Well-Being Scan clinic in Coventry is popular with pregnant mothers who have previously had a private gender scan but have been left disappointed by not being able to see their unborn child’s face clearly until they are older.

A Private 4D Well-Being Scan in Coventry will allow expecting parents to take away images that can be printed off at home to further cherish this very special occasion. They are also provided with an envelope where they are instructed to place all the tapes of their Private Ultrasound Session Coventry. This means these important images can be kept safe for future generations.

During Private 4D Well-Being Scan sessions, expectant parents are able to have their private ultrasound scan in Coventry taken in the comfort of their own homes rather than being forced into an uncomfortable hospital setting. It is available all over the UK and will normally only be conducted by Private health care professionals. We use Private equipment, which means more detailed images can be captured for your viewing pleasure.

Many mothers who had their baby’s Private 4D Ultrasounds in Coventry, with Coventry City Council, were amazed at how clear images came out, particularly when they expected blurry results due to the Private 4D Well-Being Scan’s early stage in pregnancy. Private Ultrasound Clinic in Coventry did an excellent job of making the whole process stress-free by turning up on time, preparing both patient and parent for what to expect before the Private 4D Ultrasounds Coventry began.