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Amazing Benefits Of Reading A Book To Your Baby In The Womb

Hello mommies! Did you know your baby can hear what every you or other say while being in your bump? No? Well, it is true. From 23 weeks forward, babies start to listen to everything around him. As time goes by, the unborn baby starts responding to the different sounds outside the bump. Therefore, just […]

How To Manage Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the feet can become swollen due to various factors, like fluid retention, extra pressure from the uterus to the body, and change in hormones. Just the way you visit your baby scan clinic religiously, the same way you need to pay attention to your puffy feet. Edema or Oedema can begin during the […]

Baby Scan Offers You Can Avail Easily In Milton Keynes

Being pregnant and being a mother is one of the toughest jobs in the world. It is also the cause of most of the expenses in your life. If you are pregnant, there are so many things you need to spend on in your pregnancy. You will need to buy fresh vegetables and fruits every […]