Mineral Makeup: 6 Things To Know Before You Start To Apply It

Several types of makeup have become popular nowadays. A simple way of applying makeup has become a thing of the past, especially if there is a very special occasion. Mineral makeup is also one such way of applying makeup. People are trying to use natural things more and more. This is why people when buying from their makeup kits supplier, try to choose organic products.

You can say mineral makeup products are also natural. They don’t seem to have any oils, waxes, preservatives, synthetic fragrances, etc. A good quality mineral makeup is made from minerals such as mica, zinc, and titanium oxide. These are milled into a super-fine consistency works as natural makeup. But knowing they are good is not always enough. You need to know that the makeup you are using is original or not and it will suit your skin or not. Here are some facts about mineral makeup that will allow you to distinguish the good and original mineral makeup.

1. If your skin is quite sensitive, you should use mineral makeup. It tends to have less reaction to anything. It is great for preventing bacterial growth like acne and it also reduces the chances of irritation. It is non-reactive and suitable for most skin types.
2. Be aware of fake products. Just because the product says 100% mineral makeup, it doesn’t mean it contains only minerals. It might be that the product is pure and organic but not all ingredients are minerals. So, take a look at the ingredients before buying.
3. Not all minerals happen to be good for the skin. Some of them can be allergic to a certain skin type or not at all appropriate for any skin. Be aware of those minerals. Make sure your makeup doesn’t have those.
4. Mineral makeup doesn’t hide all imperfections. So, if you are used to full coverages, then mineral makeup is not for you. It helps bring out the natural colour and tone of the skin. It tends to be light and doesn’t feel like you have applied makeup at all.
5. One disadvantage of mineral makeup is that it is not so easy to apply on dry skin. As mineral makeup is dry in nature, you will need to apply some cream before you can use mineral makeup on your dry skin. Only then it will look hydrant and radiant.
6. One of the best advantages of mineral makeup is that natural sunscreen is present in it. Two ingredients in mineral makeup are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These acts like UV protectors. So, if you use mineral makeup, you won’t have to worry about SPF.

These are some of the most common facts of mineral makeup. Keep them in mind while buying it from your makeup kits online supplier in the Philippines.


Author Biography : Hi, I am Suzy Dsouza! I like doing makeup and experimenting with makeup. In my spare time, I spread knowledge about everything to do with makeup and skincare.