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5 Things to Not Do While Designing a Logo

There are several things you should keep in mind while trying to create a logo design. There are several things to take note of, especially about what you shouldn’t do in a logo design. Whichever logo design package you choose; you need to know what you should never do for your company’s logo design.

Take a look at the logo in black and white

Once you decided on a design, take a look at it in black and white. If it looks good and suits the image of your company, only then you should move on with the design. If a logo is hard to read or it has any flaw it will be visible in the black and white design.

Don’t Get Wordy

Don’t use too many words in a logo design. A logo should be easy to read and visually pleasing. It should represent the company but in a memorable way so that people can easily recognize the logo design. Always remember less is more and a good logo design becomes successful only when it is memorable.

Don’t Blindly Pick Colors

You should research and check which colors will suit your logo design the most. Those colors should also represent your company’s message. Choose colors in a way that shows you care about the public and not pick them at random. Colors that will mesh well with the webpage of your company and other places should be taken into consideration too.

Don’t Use Too Many Colors

Too many colors can make a logo design look cluttered and unclean. After choosing the colors you want, you should only use the ones that look good with the concept and not try to put all of them in the design. More than three colors can make a design look overwhelming unless it is aesthetically designed. You need to choose a good logo design package in order to make that happen.

Don’t Combine the Images and the Text

Your logotype should be either text or image. Don’t mix them up as they can look out of place with each other. You can choose a symbol that will represent your company or if the name of your company is small, you can take that as your logo design.

So, while choosing your logo design package in the UK, make sure you avoid doing all the things mentioned here and get the perfect logo design for your company.