5 Motorcycle Parts

5 Motorcycle Parts That Need Regular Maintenance

The owner of a motorcycle should be well familiar with the parts. The biker must know when to replace a part, how to select motor parts, their usages, and of course, their maintenance. Properly maintained motor parts not only give your motorcycle a long life but also give you complete protection from fatal accidents. CSL, being the most trusted wholesale motor parts supplier in the Philippines is penning about 5 motorcycle parts that are to be maintained on a regular basis.

1. Brakes

It is known to all that brakes are one of the most important motorcycle parts. Now, let’s discuss brakes in detail. Motorcycle brakes normally have two brake fluid reservoirs. One reservoir is for the front while another is for the back. These two reservoirs should be checked on a daily basis.

2. Chain

The chain of your bike plays a major role to make a ride smooth and hassle-free. Check regularly about its status. The chain should not be too tight or too loose. Measure a moderate gap between the two sprockets. Along with this, do not forget to lubricate the chain. The lubrication should be done each time you fill up the gas.

3. Tires

The right amount of pressure on both tires is very much important for the balance. A biker can get easily imbalanced if the pressure of the tires remains inadequate. Besides, a regular check-up of the tires can identify any kind of damages. Replace your tires if they get damaged somehow, or the depth of the tires wears down to 1-2 mm.

4. Oil

Oil is inevitable for motorbikes. Proper maintenance of oil can gift you smooth rides every time. A regular check-up of motorcycle oil extends the longevity of other motor parts along with the motorbike itself. Always try to keep the level of oil high to experience better performance of your motorcycle.

5. Battery

Because of the incommodious position, the batteries of motorbikes usually get ignored for maintenance purposes. Yes, this is true that the batteries do not require everyday maintenance just like other motorcycle parts. But a biker must keep his/her eyes on the battery once a month as the batteries are one of the crucial parts of motorbikes. The fluid levels of the chambers of a battery should be checked and filled up if requires so. Avoid tap water for the batteries as tap water is mixed with other minerals and often contaminated. Use only distilled water to enlarge the life span of a motorcycle battery.

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