5 Creative Tips For Designing Custom T-shirts That Reflect Individual Style.

Nowadays, everyone is fond of custom T-shirts. But why are they so trendy?

Because of their impressive designs. Some designs look simple but have a great impact on people, like custom t-shirts.

Therefore, one should know the tips as suggested by the Custom Book Cover Illustration Company of Chicago before designing custom t-shirts.

This blog emphasizes five creative tips for designing custom t-shirts that reflect individual styles, so stay tuned.

  1. Decide on a small print size.

While there may be some situations in which size is unimportant, a customized t-shirt design is not one of them.

People frequently make the error of setting their designs to a standard size.

Standard, however, is almost at the top, which can be too big for most designs.

  1. Get the positioning right.

Many individuals who are new to T-shirt design by Character Design Illustration in New York are unaware that the typical full front positioning isn’t exactly halfway down the garment.

One type of print is a typical one and that is the belly print, which is not attractive.

  1. Emphasis on typography and fonts.

Typography is the art of typesetting in graphic design, which includes selecting appropriate typefaces (fonts), ensuring that letter and line spacing is appropriate, and creating a visually appealing interaction between the written words and the graphic elements.

But to use proper typography, you don’t have to be a professional artist like the Character Design Illustration in Chicago.

  1. Be careful when composing.

You might recall composition from your high school art class.

Every design has components that are positioned about one another and together form the overall composition.

Despite what you may believe, some straightforward guidelines can help with Customized T-shirt Design. As the saying goes, first violate the rules, then learn them.

You all know that now there are many online platforms for learning composition.

  1. Use colors sparingly.

One of the most crucial selections is color. You should make sure that your budget meets all your tasks of screen printing. More colors result in higher item costs. The colors which work best for screen printing are solid colors. For more information visit Eminence System, a Book Illustration Company in New York. 

Is it possible to print anything on a T-shirt?

T-shirts are your best option because they may publicly show anything in the public domain.

Naturally, the prints you manufacture from original artwork or logos created with a logo maker are yours.

What is the standard t-shirt design process?

How precisely do you get your design to appear on an actual shirt?

Your plan may be transferred from the screen to the shirt in five ways. As follows:

  1. Direct to Garment (DTG)
  2. Screen printing
  3. Sublimation of dye
  4. Heat Press
  5. Vinyl cutting and printing

Although it might be time-consuming and inappropriate for amateurs or short print runs, it’s perfect for producing high-quality prints.

We advise utilizing the heat press method when experimenting with t-shirt designs.

Your design is printed on transfer paper, available online or in most craft stores, for heat press printing.

The transfer paper may now be used by peeling back the shiny portion. You wear a gorgeous T-shirt with a unique design.



To conclude we can say that getting custom t-shirts can be challenging especially when you are on a tight budget.

But with these 5 creative tips suggested in this blog by a Custom Book Cover Illustration of Chicago for designing custom t-shirts that reflect individual style, it is easy for you.


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