5 Benefits Of A Reassurance Scan In Aylesbury

Expectant parents might get comfort from fetal reassurance scans during a trying period. The Reassurance scan at Aylesbury can identify possible problems with the baby’s growth and give medical professionals important information.

Ask your doctor whether you are a candidate for a fetal reassurance scan if you are interested in having one. To have a safe pregnancy, keep in mind that the most crucial thing is to go to all of your regular prenatal appointments and follow your doctor’s advice.

Make sure to do your homework on trustworthy ultrasound clinics like Window To The Womb Clinic in Aylesbury if you decide to self-refer for a scan.

Reassurance Scan

Below are the five benefits of a reassurance scan in Aylesbury. Have a look at them:

  1. Gives you the security that your pregnancy is going well that you need.
  2. Verify the existence of one or more pregnancies.
  3. Verify the heartbeat of your unborn child and that the fetus is inside the uterus to rule out the chance of an ectopic pregnancy.
  4. Our skilled midwife sonographer will measure your unborn child from crown to rump to determine the gestational age (how many weeks along you are) and anticipated due date.
  5. You may now observe the baby’s growth for the first time without having to wait too long until your 12-week ultrasound.

When are reassurance scans typically performed?

While reassurance scans or women’s health scans at Aylesbury can be carried out at any point in pregnancy, they are most frequently done in the first trimester, between 8 and 12 weeks, and the second and third trimesters, between 24 and 34 weeks.

This is so that the baby can view essential structures while still being big enough to obtain a good picture of their growth throughout the first trimester. The baby is large enough throughout the second and third trimesters to receive a clear image of their growth, but not so big that it is challenging to see everything.

Expectant parents may choose to self-refer for a reassurance scan in various circumstances. This indicates that individuals can arrange a scan without a prescription from their doctor.

Final Thoughts :

Make sure that the ultrasound clinics in your neighbourhood provide fetal reassurance scans if you are interested in self-referring for one.

For the ultrasound baby scan in Aylesbury, for instance, you may ask your doctor for a referral to a renowned clinic like Window To The Womb Clinic.

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